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About Our Church

The Beautiful Gate Ministry

The ministry was created from out of the burden in the heart of the founder Pastor Oludayo Okubanjo. The burden was to share the good news of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus to all who are heavy laden by the bondage of sin. Many are trapped in the deceit of Satan thinking there is no way out. The Lord wants to set everyone free and has called all to repent and receive the newness only Jesus can give. Just like the man at the beautiful gate. He was so used to being in the same position and being laden by the weight of his physical limitations. Contact us today for a time of counseling and prayers. We are sure that your sins will be forgiven and you receive a new life in Christ Jesus.

the Faith

We believe in the power and the efficacy of the word of God, therefore, we continue to admonish people with the word of God.


We grow our community online and set up outreaches to different people groups. Contact us today for a list of our connection centers.

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